futurebabies 6 - "Sven Sessions"

@ The Mucky Duck, Brixton, London, England 9pm Saturday 7th October 2001

Well, we expected this to be a busy night but we didn't expect an outcome like this. As you probably know, during the day England were playing Greece with a place in the World Cup finals at stake. Your hosts are partial to a bit of footy and a lot of beer, so at about 6.00 pm after the most tense match imaginable and us scraping through thanks to Sir Becks, we were all in a bit of trouble. The night ahead could well have been an uphill struggle.

However, after skulling a couple of double expressos Lefty manned the decks and started things off at a mellow pace dropping a few old faves together with the future classics. This set the scene nicely for Little Lozza to take over and he certainly got the place bouncing to his distinctive sounds and disco house stompers. Of all people, the bouncer was loving it.

By this time the place was full of revellers (shouldn't that be nutters!! - ED) and the atmosphere was reaching boiling point - which is always a good time for the man like Juan Elbows to take over. He certainly didn't disappoint, his twisting and turning style dropping bombs all over the shop (and a nice touch to finish with Strings of Life).

Once again thanks loads to everyone who came down. It was our busiest and best yet, so we hope to see you all at the next one for Leftys birthday celebrations - MESSY!!!!!

Finally, a message from your promoters. We want you all to come and have a great time (and that includes you nutters!!), but look after each other, be nice & enjoy. Increase the peace.

The futurebabies crew

Quote of the night - Thank god for (Sir?) David Beckham!!

Top Tunes:

Barrio Bros - Hold Onto Your Love (Shaboom)
Alistair Colling - Cafe Sol (Central Park)
Harddrive 2000 - Never Forget (Strictly Rhythm)
Cricco Castelli - Life Is Changing (Kult)
Milton Jackson - Power to the People (Black Vinyl)
Rhythm is Rhythm - Strings of Life (Transmat)

Juan More Time