futurebabies 11 - "futurebabies @ Dust Mk. III"

@ Dust, London, EC1, England 7pm Friday 10th May

Well, what can we say. What a night. Absolutely blinding. Was it our best yet? Quite possibly, judging from the masses of great feedback we've had from people saying how much they enjoyed it. And that's what it's all about. You and us having fun.

So the night started with Lefty again. Warming up for his night with Justin Robertson and Ashley Beedle the following week at Turnmills, the man like as ever turned up with his crate of soulful yet funky house bombs. He always warms the cockles nicely. Watch out for him in June though. He's playing last (finally) and he's itching to rock it. (Late News Flash: unless he's going to the cricket!)

Next up Mr Juan Elbows. One again he started with his new style mix of breaks before wandering into his techy house tunes. I have to admit I didn't really catch much of him, as, at the time, I was feeling sick with nerves about playing last! What I do know is that by 10 the place was full. And yet there were still people coming through the door.This may well have been because of our crafty landlord, with dollar signs flashing before his eyes, 'relaxing' the limit on the door! The result: the place was rocking.

Juan kept the dancefloor grooving nicely, before finally passing over me (Lozza). The last 3 hours felt like about 5 minutes it was so good. Were there people really dancing on the tables? I think so. Did I really pogo with my mate Mark to one corker? Apparently so. The atmosphere was just how we like it - a right bunch of messy people have an ace time! Note to person who requested I play Michael Jackson about 10 times... and then again 15 minutes after I'd played it - nice one!

And so futurebabies 11 was another great night. Why not see what's it like for yourself and come and join us for the next one.

The futurebabies crew